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Sandy Hook School Shooting

Posted by helen on 12/19/2012

whenever I turn on TV, there is a funeral for one of the Sandy Hook Victims.. its sad beyond the words. 

a reporter   says US schools have “golden standard” security plans/measures,… it makes me  wonder how many countries on the earth have “golden Standard” security systems like Sandy Hook Elementary School.  I went to more than 15 schools, none of my schools had a single camera hidden in the classroom or campus,  none of our parents felt the needs to have 5 guns in household.

 US is a nation that promotes Violence.  perhaps not many US citizens will agree on this. but it’s truly deep in the culture: why so many feel the need to have a gun?  why “twilight saga”  “hunger games” have so many fans? why people love  Vampires so much?  forget about these violent video games, lets talk about dolls –something that are supposed to be gentle and teach kids love & care, but NO,   market prefers to have “Monster High”, Even Barbie Doll would rather be a Pirate that carries guns and swords… .. I am not saying people have gun oe love Vampires &  Monster High dolls are violent, but  you can see what kind of culture this country has. 

A mother commented on the Sandy Hook Shooting spree “this is what happened when we teach kids there is NO God” — I am sure Adam Lanza’s mother told him there was a GOD,  I  was the one who was taught that there is NO God, self-help is the best help,…  Most of my friends are not religious… do we go on shooting sprees?  you  really should keep your God or religion  out of this,  and please, do NOT wirte  words such as “he is in God’s hand now, God will take care of him, etc.”  on any of these victims memorial page unless you are 100% sure these families share the same religion as you do. b/c its very offensive for nonreligious families to read such comments,   the best place for a child to be is home, with his parents & taken care by his parents. for these families.


 Estonia is considered the safest country,  more than 75% of its populations are  Nonreligious.  on the contrary, al least 75% US popuplation is religious—whichever God people believe, it does not bring safety to your home.

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  1. dollsaga said

  2. dollsaga said

    see this picture above? its floating on internet, mothers and grandmothers posted it —just another reflection how much people love “violence” without realizing it. now the Elf is either a prisoner, or dead, if he is dead, the next elf will be blood sucking vampire to make another Million Dollar for merchants.

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